Using The Navigation Tree
example of navigation

The navigation tree shows you where you are currently located in the WBT, your progress, and how to move to different sections and pages. The beige color indicates pages you have already viewed. A beige colored page-link with a white backgroud indicates where you are currently located. Use the plus example of navigation plus icon and minus example of navigation plus icon buttons to show/hide specific pages within a section. Click on any of the page names to jump to that specific location.


back and next button examples Use the back and next buttons to navigate through the WBT in sequential order.

progress bar example
As you advance through the course, the progress bar will slowly fill with a blue background indicating visually how close you currently are to completion.

The contact linkcontact link example, located below the progress bar, will automatically launch Microsoft Outlook with the PHMSA Training and Qualifications email address.

End Of Chapter Quizzes
Quiz ExampleQuestion Mark

At the end of every chapter you will be given two multiple choice questions, each with one correct answer. Answers for this exercise are not saved.

Video Demo

Click here for a video demo

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