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Master Meter Image Overlapping an Image Depicting API RP 1162 Guidelines Related to Pipeline Facilities

Master meter operators and certain propane operators are required only to communicate with their customers and owners of property on which their pipelines are located. All other operators are required to follow the general program guidelines in API RP 1162. The requirement to provide information to excavators (§§192.614(c) and 195.442(c)) is included in API RP 1162. The requirement to maintain liaison with emergency officials (§§192.615(c) and 195.402(c)(12)) is only partially included in API RP 1162. Under §§192.614(c) and 195.442(c)(12), the operator is expected to learn about the capabilities of emergency response organizations. The terminology used to describe audiences varies somewhat between the new public awareness regulations (§§192.616 and 195.440) and API RP 1162, but an operator providing information to all audiences in API RP 1162 will also be reaching the stakeholders listed in the regulations. Recent rulemakings and resources are available on the PHMSA Pipeline Safety Stakeholder Communication web site at

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