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Hazmat Presentations

Our office conducts Multimodal Hazmat Training Seminars and Workshops in various cities around the country. The files available on this page are Adobe Acrobat PDF versions of the most commonly used presentations given at these seminars:

2012 Cylinder Requalification
Learn the requirements needed to approve, inspect, test, certify, repair, or rebuild a cylinder in accordance with a DOT specification.
How to Use the 2012 ERG
Describes how to effectively use the 2012 Emergency Response Guidebook during the initial phase of a hazardous materials incident.
A brief summary of Department of Transportationís Hazmat Program and a synopsis of what to expect from the Multimodal seminar.
Reviews how to locate specific information in the HMR using the Hazardous Materials Table and to identify: proper shipping name, hazard class/division number, identification number, packing group, packaging references, special provisions, and mode restrictions.
Reviews information related the inspection process such as: Getting in the door, general Information and overview and items reviewed. Get answers to questions such as What would a PHMSA inspector look for? Discuss the type of inspection and method of evidence gathering used: Interviews, Documentation, Photographs, etc. and Closing the Inspection.
Describes UN packaging requirements to include; types of UN packaging, UN test requirements, manufacturer and shipper responsibilities, and the tools used for package closure.
Package Selection, Marking, and Labeling Requirements
Learn how to select the proper package, properly mark the package, and label the package.
Placarding Requirements
Learn how to determine the placarding required when offering and/or transporting hazardous materials by all modes of transportation.
Shipping Papers and Emergency Response Information
Learn how to properly describe a hazardous material on a shipping paper including additional descriptions and emergency response information. 
Provides an overview of training requirements found in sections 172.700 to 172.704 of the HMR. Get tips on how to maintain employee training records. Provides an understanding of security threats, an overview of the specific security requirements, and suggestions and guidance on how to comply with the security regulations.
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