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Protecting Your Community

In addition to ensuring essential products like oil and gas are transported safely through the nation's pipeline network, PHMSA helps to assure the safe and secure transportation of hazardous materials, including shipments of fuels such as propane, chemicals for water treatment and sanitation, oxygen in cylinders for health care facilities and home use, fire extinguishers, explosives and detonating materials, and materials that contain or are contaminated with infectious substances.

Public Partners in Safety
You too are our partners in safety. The eyes, ears, and vigilance of the public are one of PHMSA's most valuable resources to ensure regulatory compliance.
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Hazmat Safety Advisories
The Office of Hazardous Materials Safety (OHMS) issues Safety Advisory Notices to help the public understand and resolve significant safety risks. In most situations, the advisories address safety issues that pose an imminent hazard to the public. Contact the Office of Hazardous Materials Standards at 202-366-8553.
Pipeline Safety Advisories
PHMSA's Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) issues Advisory Bulletins to inform affected pipeline operators and all Federal and state pipeline safety personnel of matters that have the potential of becoming safety and/or environmental risks.  Contact the Office of Engineering and Emergency Support at 202-366-5124.