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Pipeline Safety Update
Pipeline Safety Update pra hub for the status of pipeline safety across the country and more.


The Pipeline Safety Update is a hub for updates on safety regulations, opportunities for public comment, and other initiatives. Review the actions that DOT, states, and operators have already taken to improve pipeline safety across the country.

Avoid a Grimm Situation: Call 811 Before You Dig/ Llaman 811 Antes De Que Usted Cave
Visit Your State's Pipeline Safety Profile

What is a state pipeline safety portal and how can I access it? 
A state pipeline safety profile features state-specific information on pipelines.

What kinds of information can I access through my state pipeline safety profile?
Profiles differ slightly due to differences in pipeline locations and safety status in each state. Most profiles feature the following: 

  • Overview of the purposes of pipelines and the importance of pipeline safety
  • Interactive map of pipelines in your area and their operators
  • Records of pipeline incidents in your state
  • Reports on state inspections and enforcement
  • Contact information for PHMSA’s Office of Pipeline Safety and regional community assistance and technical services managers
  • Links to other resources such as "Call 811 Before You Dig," the National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives (NAPSR), and local newspapers for news related to pipelines

How can I access a state profile?
To learn more about pipeline safety issues in your state, click on your state in the map below.

Community Toolbox
Learn how you can impact pipeline safety.
Pipeline safety is a shared responsibility. Learn how you can make an impact through the Community Toolbox.