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West Virginia Updates

Pipelines play a vital role in our daily lives. Cooking, cleaning, commuting, air travel, and the heating of homes and businesses are all made possible by the fuels delivered through pipelines. Natural gas provides for 24% of our country's total energy consumption, and petroleum provides for another 39%.

Investigation Lead Agency
National Transportation Safety Board. Click NTSB Investigation Updates on the right-side menu for more information.
West Virginia Pipeline Profile

At nearly 4,000 miles, natural gas transmission pipelines account for about a quarter of West Virginia's total pipeline mileage. Click here for a presentation on PHMSA's regulatory authority in West Virginia.

Click here for a profile of West Virginia's pipelines. Each state pipeline profile includes:

  • Overview of the purposes of pipelines and the importance of pipeline safety
  • Interactive map of pipelines in the area and their operators
  • Records of pipeline incidents in the state
  • Reports on state inspections and enforcement
  • Contact information for PHMSA's Office of Pipeline Safety and regional community assistance and technical services managers
Office of Governmental, International, and Public Affairs
Pipeline Basics
PHMSA collects and shares a large volume of data about pipelines, as demonstrated by the resources below:

PHMSA Enforcement Database
PHMSA monitors and enforces operators' compliance with pipeline safety regulations for the safe, reliable, and environmentally sound operation of pipeline facilities. Visit for a summary of PHMSA's overall enforcement activity. Please note that the database is updated approximately every 30-45 days. For the most up-to-date list of PHMSA enforcement actions, visit our Recent Enforcement Actions page here.

Enforcement Information for Specific Operators
Look up PHMSA's enforcement activity by specific pipeline operator.

Natural Gas Pipelines Information
Get information and updates on natural gas pipelines from a central location.

National Pipeline Mapping System Public-Viewer
The NPMS Public-Viewer is an online application that displays pipelines in a selected local area.