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Public Awareness Programs

Ever wonder why you continuously receive those "envelope stuffers" from your local utility company in your monthly bill?  Well, this activity is actually part of your utility company's public awareness program which is required by law. 

Some programs also provide the public general education on how to live safely with pipelines in their communities, hazardous materials transporting through or to these communities, and how to identify and respond to incidents.

Hazardous Materials Public Awareness
Associated Mail and Parcel Center
Ship Responsibly awareness program. The program provides tools to raise the awareness of individual shippers to help reduce unidentified or undeclared hazardous materials from entering the transportation system.
Safe Travel Tips
Tips on how to safely pack and transport batteries, battery-powered devices, and other personal items when traveling.
Do You Know If You Are Shipping Hazardous Materials?
To raise awareness of hazardous materials shipping requirements among small and entry-level hazardous materials shippers who may not be aware of the Hazardous Materials Regulations.
Pipeline Public Awareness
8-1-1 Logo
Implementing public awareness programs allows operators an opportunity to combat major pipeline safety concerns, such as third party damages, in a proactive manner. 
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