5 Headaches You'll Avoid by Calling 811 Before You Dig

1. Cable/ satellite interruption

Don't want to miss your favorite show? Even your DVR can't save you if unsafe digging cuts the cable


2. Power outage

Because everything you, your neighbors, and the NFL's Super Bowl contenders want to play with runs on electricity.


3. Ruptured water piping

Flooding your neighborhood will never be this fun.


4. Property damage/ fines

You've been saving for those home improvements for a while now. Don't throw that money out the window by damaging a pipeline; hold onto your hard-earned savings by calling 811 before you dig. Also, not calling 811 before starting digging projects is against the law and could result in fines!

(via iruntheinternet.com)

5. Injuries/death

Unsafe digging is no jokeā€”it can cause death and major injuries. Just ask two-time Olympian and One Calls of America spokesman Cliff Meidl. When Cliff struck buried high-voltage electrical cables with a jackhammer, he endured 30,000 volts of electricity, lost two toes, suffered burns to his legs and knees, and went into cardiac arrest three times. The risk is almost 100% preventable with a call to 811.