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49 CFR 192.505 Interpretations

Transportation of natural and other gas by pipeline: minimum Federal safety standards:
Strength Test Requirements for Steel Pipeline to Operate at a Hoop Stress of 30 Percent More of SMYS (View the Regulation)

Date PHMSA ID Company (or Individual)
Dec 31, 1975 PI-75-060 Mountain Fuel Supply Company
Jul 30, 1974 PI-74-0128 Colorado Public Utilities Commission
Oct 20, 1972 PI-72-043 ANSI Standards Committee B16
Dec 15, 1971 PI-71-0120 ACF Industries
Nov 3, 1971 PI-71-0119 Public Service Commission
Sep 29, 1971 PI-71-079 Anderson, Greenwood & Co.
Jun 17, 1971 PI-71-058 Anderson Greewood Company