PHMSA Pipeline Safety Training Center
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Located in Oklahoma City, PHMSA’s Training Center provides state-of-the-art training courses for federal and state pipeline safety inspectors and investigators. The team of experienced instructors lead training courses that promote uniformity in the application of pipeline safety regulations through a professional mix of participant-centered classroom instruction, lab training, and field exercises. Additionally, instructors participate in state-hosted seminars throughout the country.

  • Acting Directors:
    • Charlie Helm
    • Wayne St. Germain
    • Pamela West
  • Instructor/Pipeline Safety Specialist:
    • Wale Adesanwo
    • Wayne St. Germain
    • Charlie Helm
    • Bryan Kichler
    • Leticia Santos
    • Pamela West
  • Program Analysts:
    • Keith Chandler
    • Alyson Coyle
  • Technical Writer/Editor:  
    • Sharon Webb
  • Training Information Specialist:
    •  Jill Nelson

For a listing of all PHMSA Office of Pipeline Safety personnel, please see the OPS Organizational Chart (PDF)


Office of Inspector Training & Qualifications
3700 South MacArthur Blvd., Ste B
Oklahoma City, OK 73179-7612
405-686-2311 (Fax)

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2015