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Publications and Training Modules

The Division of Outreach, Training, and Grants develops materials that make it easier to use the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). Some publications enhance general understanding of the regulations, while others focus on specific training niches. See our list of Hazmat transportation training publications, below. We also offer training videos and interactive CD-ROMS that are designed to help the regulated community meet the training requirements set forth in the HMR. Available

DOT Chart 15: Markings, Labeling, and Placarding Guide
Note: Laser printers vary in their ability to accurately display color. Therefore, printed copies of the DOT Chart 15 from your laser printer may not accurately represent the required colors of markings and hazard warning labels and placard set forth in 49 CFR §172.407(d)(5) and 172.519(3). Pantone® Color matching System (PMS) may be used to achieve the required colors: Red, PMS 186U; Orange, PMS 151U; Yellow, PMS 109U; Green, PMS 335U; Blue, PMS 285U; and Purple, PMS 259U.
Chart 15 displays the markings, labels, and placards (Spanish)
Disponible en Español! El Diagrama 15 del DOT muestra las marcas, etiquetas y rótulos (a todo color) requerida por las Regulaciones sobre Materiales Peligrosos, título 49, CFR, partes 172.
ERG 2012 Summary of Changes from ERG 2008
This flyer summarizes the changes from the ERG2008 that are incorporated in the ERG2012.
Liquefied Compressed Gases Compliance Assistance Guide
This brochure describes the testing, recordkeeping, and unloading requirements for operators of cargo tank motor vehicles when transporting liquefied compressed gases.
Fireworks Safety Guidance for Shipping Consumer Fireworks
For fireworks shippers, distributors, and carriers when preparing consumer fireworks for transport.
Explosives Approvals - Regulatory Guidelines for Shipping and Transporting Fireworks
For fireworks manufacturers when applying for DOT special permits and approvals, and transporting them.
Do You Know If You're Shipping Hazardous Materials?
This brochure is written to raise awareness of hazardous materials shipping requirements among small and entry-level hazardous materials shippers who may not be aware of the Hazardous Materials Regulations. Created in partnership with the Council on the Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles (COSTHA) and the Associated Mail and Parcel Carriers (AMPC), this brochure addresses a growing community of small shippers, which has burgeoned in size since the introduction of online auction websites.
Does Your Hazmat Training Measure Up?
This brochure describes the training requirements in 49 CFR, §172.700-704, including new security awareness and in-depth security training requirements for the hazmat employer and employees. Frequently asked questions are answered and regulations cited.
Security Requirements Brochure (English)
This brochure describes new security training and planning requirements and provides guidance in assessing security threats. It also lists suggested security measures, and provides contact information for other Federal agencies and industry organizations and associations to obtain further security planning information.
ERG 2008 Summary of Changes
This flyer summarizes the changes from the ERG2004 that are incorporated in the ERG2008.
Guide to Performance Packaging Codes
This guide provides information associated with performance packaging as identified in 49 CFR, Part 178. It provides sample markings, codes, tests, approximate conversion factors, and definition of packing group associated with packaging used for hazardous materials shipments.
How To Handle Radioactive Materials Packages Brochure
This revised booklet for cargo handlers explains how to recognize radioactive meaterials, prevent unnecessary exposure, and what to do in case of accidents involving radioactive materials.
Hazmat Training Module 5.1 Brochure
This brochure describes the training modules developed by USDOT/PHMSA.
How to Use the HMR
30 page training document on 49 CFR Parts 100-185
Shipping Batteries Safely by Air; What you need to know
This guide describes the USDOT regulations for the classification criteria, packaging requirements, and hazard communication for the transportation of batteries shipped by aircraft under 49 CFR, Parts 100-185.
Transporting Agricultural Products Safely
This brochure is geared to farmers who may transport hazardous materials in the course of their operations. It details exceptions for agricultural operations within the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR), and provides easy-to-use information on how to visually represent safety hazards, and otherwise comply with applicable provisions of the HMR.
Transporting Infectious Substances Safely
A guide to the HM-226A rule
Wetlines Awareness for Emergency Responders
This brochure, developed in partnership with the National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc., the National Association of State Fire Marshals, and the International Association of Fire Chiefs, provides general awareness to emergency responders regarding wetlines. Wetlines are external piping located beneath a cargo tank designed to break off in the event of an accident.
What Are Materials Of Trade?
When certain hazardous materials are transported in small quantities as part of a business, they are subject to less regulation because of the limited hazard they pose. These materials are known as Materials of Trade (MOTs). This brochure helps explain MOTs and your responsibilities when transporting these materials.
What You Should Know: A Guide to Developing a Hazardous Materials Training Program
This guide explains the training requirements in the Hazardous Materials Regulations, identifies those employees who must be trained, and provides a tool to help hazmat employers determine what type of training and training environment may be best for their employees.
Training Modules
Hazardous Materials Transportation Training Modules version 5.1
Other Publications and Resources
Hazardous Materials Publications and Reports
Available files, reports, documents, and publications. Glossary, FAQs, and more.
Emergency Response Guidebook
...Helps You Find Emergency Procedures Quickly
Travel Resources
Tips on how to safely pack and transport batteries, battery-powered devices, and other personal items when traveling.

Safe Travel: Safety Tips for Travelers
collage of available publications
HMpubsreview: Publications Review Webpage.  Review and comment on hazardous materials publications under development or on training materials being revised.

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