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Hazardous Materials Program Evaluation (HMPE)

In March, 2000 a ONE-DOT team from the Office of Inspector General, United States Coast Guard, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration completed a DOT-wide Program Evaluation of the Hazardous Materials Transportation Programs (HMPE). The program evaluation had two broad objectives. Objective I was to document current hazardous materials movements, Operating Administrations' programs, and program delivery. Objective II was to assess the effectiveness of DOT's overall hazardous materials program as it affects each step in the hazardous materials transportation process, from packaging to receiver, recommend improvements, and identify areas for further analysis and action. The team found that DOT's hazardous materials program works reasonably well, but needs to be improved through DOT-wide strategic planning and program coordination, more focused delivery, and better data.

HMPE Information
65 FR 19431
Results of a Departmentwide Program Evaluation of the Hazardous Materials Transportation Programs (HMPE)
65 FR 49763 - Final Rule (OST)
Organization and Delegation of Powers and Duties; Delegations Concerning the Hazardous Materials Transportation Programs