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Suspensions & Terminations

The Office of Approvals and Permits may modify, suspend or terminate a special permit or approval.  This action is taken based on a finding that:

  • Based on circumstances, the permit or approval is no longer needed
  • The application contained inaccurate information, and the permit or approval would not have been granted if accurate information had been presented
  • The application contained deliberately inaccurate or incomplete information
  • The special permit or approval holder violated a term of the special permit or approval or an applicable requirement of the regulations demonstrating the holder is not fit to conduct the activity authorized.
Suspensions & Terminations of Special Permit
The following are letters to companies related to suspension of Special Permit.

Notice of Suspension Letter (modification)
The Lite Cylinder Company, Inc.; August 17, 2007
Notice of Suspension Letter
Columbus Fire & Safety Equipment Co., Inc.; PHMSA-2007-28490; June 8, 2007
Termination of Exemption Letter
MVE, Inc.; March 8, 1999
Notice of Suspension Letter
Frosenberg Holdings, LLC; d/b/a Accurate Fire Protection Systems; May 2, 2007
Termination of Exemption DOT-E 12053
OZ Technology; January 13, 1999
Terminated or Suspended Approvals
Approvals Search
Information concerning Approval numbers (including Expired/Terminated) may be found using the PHMSA Approvals Database Search
Terminated Explosive Approvals
These Approvals were Issued to the APA, AFSL or for Shells Greater than 10"