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Rulemaking Archive

The Office of Hazardous Materials Safety provides copies in PDF format of every rulemaking action issued since November 1967 that affected the HMR. Rulemaking actions within the last 5 years are available in the Federal Register and are also linked here.

Recent Updates
HM-263 Hazardous Materials: FAST Act Requirements for Real-Time Train Consist Information by Rail Jan 19, 2017
HM-251D Hazardous Materials: Volatility of Unrefined Petroleum Products and Class 3 Materials Jan 18, 2017
HM-259 Hazardous Materials: Notification of the Pilot-in-Command and Response to Air Related Petitions for Rulemaking (RRR) Dec 5, 2016
HM-213E Hazardous Materials: PIPES Act Requirements for Identification Numbers on Cargo Tanks Containing Petroleum Based Fuel Nov 21, 2016
HM-209A Hazardous Materials: Revisions to Hazardous Materials Grants Requirements (RRR) Oct 11, 2016
HM-215N Hazardous Materials: Harmonization With International Standards (RRR) Sep 7, 2016
HM-251C Hazardous Materials: FAST Act Requirements for Flammable Liquids and Rail Tank Cars Aug 15, 2016
HM-251B Hazardous Materials: Oil Spill Response Plans and Information Sharing for High-Hazard Flammable Trains Jul 29, 2016
HM-234 Hazardous Materials: Miscellaneous Amendments Pertaining to DOT Specification Cylinders (RRR) Jul 26, 2016
HM-219A Hazardous Materials: Miscellaneous Petitions for Rulemaking (RRR) Jun 30, 2016
HM-258D Hazardous Materials: Revision of Maximum and Minimum Civil Penalties Jun 29, 2016
HM-218H Hazardous Materials: Miscellaneous Amendments (RRR) Jun 2, 2016
HM-262 Hazardous Materials: Carriage of Battery-Powered Electronic Smoking Devices in Passenger Baggage May 19, 2016
HM-241 Hazardous Materials: Adoption of ASME Code Section XII and the National Board Inspection Code Apr 29, 2016
HM-261 Hazardous Materials: Incorporation by Reference Edition Update for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and Transportation Systems for Liquids and Slurries: Pressure Piping Code Apr 29, 2016
HM-253 Hazardous Materials: Reverse Logistics (RRR) Mar 31, 2016
HM-233F Hazardous Materials: Adoption of Special Permits (MAP-21) (RRR) Jan 21, 2016
HM-213D Hazardous Materials: Safety Requirements for External Product Piping on Cargo Tanks Transporting Flammable Liquids; Dec 30, 2015
HM-233D Hazardous Materials: Requirements for the Safe Transportation of Bulk Explosives (RRR) Dec 21, 2015
HM-260 Hazardous Materials: Editorial Corrections and Clarifications (RRR) Nov 23, 2015
HM-2137-AF12 Hazardous Materials: Carriage of Battery-Powered Electronic Smoking Devices in Passenger Baggage Oct 30, 2015
HM-233E Hazardous Materials: Special Permit and Approvals Standard Operating Procedures and Evaluation Process Sep 10, 2015
HM-251 Hazardous Materials: Enhanced Tank Car Standards and Operational Controls for High-Hazard Flammable Trains May 8, 2015
HM-224F Hazardous Materials: Transportation of Lithium Batteries Feb 20, 2015
HM-215M Hazardous Materials: Harmonization With International Standards (RRR) Jan 8, 2015
HM-258A Hazardous Materials: Failure To Pay Civil Penalties Aug 7, 2014
HM-250 Hazardous Materials: Compatibility With the Regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency Jul 11, 2014
HM-233C Hazardous Materials: Incorporation of Certain Special Permits and Competent Authorities Into Regulations Mar 18, 2014
HM-247 Hazardous Materials: Cargo Tank Motor Vehicle Loading and Unloading Operations Feb 25, 2014
HM-215K, HM-215L, HM-218G and HM-219 Hazardous Materials: Corrections and Response to Administrative Appeals Oct 31, 2013