The items below are the currently open NTSB recommendations regarding rail and the OHMS responses. For copies of the specific letters containing the NTSB/OHMS dialog, click the link for the specific item and review the list of "Related Downloads" on the right.

NTSB Classifications:

  • OAA - Open Acceptable Response
  • OAAR - Open Acceptable Alternate Response
  • OUA - Open Unacceptable Response
  • ORR - Open Response Received
  • OAR - Open Await Response

Currently Open Recommendations

R-07-4  Immediate Notification to Emergency Responders; OAA Apr 24, 2007
R-08-13  Optimum Separation Requirements; OAA May 22, 2008
R-12-7  Adoption of American Association of Railroads (AAR) center sill or draft sill attachment designs; OAA Mar 2, 2012
R-14-5  Comprehensive Response Plan Threshold; OAA Jan 23, 2014
R-14-6  Shipper Testing and Documentation for Hazmat Classification; OUA Jan 23, 2014
R-14-14  Commodity Flow Data and Emergency Response Plan Development; OUA August 22, 2014
R-14-18  Train Crew Emergency Response Information; OUA August 22, 2014
R-14-19  Public Education for Communities along Railroad Hazmat Routes; OUA August 22, 2014
R-14-20  RCRMS Risk Assessment Tool; OAA August 22, 2014
R-14-21  Audits of Short Line and Regional Railroads; OAA August 22, 2014
R-15-14  Thermal Protection for Tank Cars in Class 3 Flammable Liquid Service; OAA April 3, 2015
R-15-15  Appropriately Sized PRDs for Tank Cars in Class 3 Flammable Liquid Service; OAA April 3, 2015
R-15-16  Milestone Schedule for Retrofit of DOT-111 and CPC-1232 Tank Cars; OUA April 3, 2015
R-15-17  Progress Reporting for Retrofit of DOT-111 and CPC-1232 Tank Cars With Thermal Protection; OAA April 3, 2015