Program Development

Program Development

About Program Development

The Program Development Division is composed of a dynamic group of economists, program and data analysts, and statisticians with specific expertise in modal hazardous materials transportation.  These professionals utilize their unique skill sets to support PHMSA’s safety mission through integrated planning, development, analysis, and evaluation of programmatic activities for the Associate Administrator of the Office of Hazardous Materials Safety (OHMS).  The Program Development Division is responsible for the following lines of business that support both internal and external stakeholders.  

  • Data Operations - The Program Development Division houses the data operations center.  This center collects, processes, and validates hazardous materials incident report forms.  The data operations center oversees extensive quality assurance processes to ensure the hazardous materials incident data that OHMS presents is reliable and high quality.  This data is essential for the OHMS' program offices.  

  • Risk and Regulatory Analysis - When considering risk (safety or programmatic), OHMS must focus on the individual elements of risk.  Through the collection and analysis of data, the Program Development Division examines the elements of risk (Exposure, Vulnerability, and Consequences).  This analysis is used to inform programmatic activities and policy decisions.  In addition, the Program Development Division provides regulatory support in the form of regulatory impact analysis, environmental assessments, and policy analysis.   

  • Program Management - The Program Development Division provides integrated planning, development, and evaluation of programmatic activities for OHMS.  To do this, the Program Development Division has assisted program offices in the development and reporting of meaningful Key Performance indicators (KPIs) that measure performance and foster continuous improvement.  OHMS reviews these KPIs at Management Review Meetings and the Annual Death and Injury Briefing.

  • Budget and other Support Services - The Program Development Division provides data-driven, multi-year budget development and formulation in support of the strategic goals, needs, and services of OHMS.