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Notices, Terminations & Suspensions

An approval document can only be issued if there is a specific approval citation in the Hazardous Materials Regulations (49 CFR). If there is no specific approval citation, the relief sought from the HMR must be in the form of a special permit.

The Office of Approvals and Permits may modify, suspend or terminate a special permit or approval.  This action is taken based on a finding that:

  • Based on circumstances, the permit or approval is no longer needed
  • The application contained inaccurate information, and the permit or approval would not have been granted if accurate information had been presented
  • The application contained deliberately inaccurate or incomplete information
  • The special permit or approval holder violated a term of the special permit or approval or an applicable requirement of the regulations demonstrating the holder is not fit to conduct the activity authorized
Authorized DOT Cylinder Retesters: Domestic Persons authorized to retest DOT cylinders under 49 CFR 173.34 are listed in two formats. The first format lists the retesters sequentially by Identification Number. The second format lists each state's retesters alphabetically by city and company name. The retester identification number, the name and address, the classes of cylinders authorized for retest, the date of the most recent authorization and current status of the retester is provided in both formats.  
Terminated or Suspended Approvals
Approvals Search
Information concerning Approval numbers (including Expired/Terminated) may be found using the PHMSA Approvals Database Search
Terminated Explosive Approvals
These Approvals were Issued to the APA, AFSL or for Shells Greater than 10"
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