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HMEP Grants Schedule

The information below reflects the Timeline by Month.

Application Schedule

Date Activity
February 1st Application Process Begins
April 3rd Applications Due
September 30th Grants Awarded
October 1st Grants Open for Use 1

Grant Schedule

Date Activity
October 1st Grants Open for Use 2
January 1st 1st Qtr 425 Due 3
April 1st 2nd Qtr 425 Due 4
July 1st 3rd Qtr 425 Due 5
September 30th 4th Qtr 425 Due 6
December 31st Final Reports Due 7

1 Grant funds are available for disbursement after the following occurs:
a)The Authorized Grantee Official signs the Notice of Grant Award (NGA) and returns it.
b)The grantee receives an executed NGA signed by the Authorized PHMSA Official.

2 Ibid.

3 Quarterly Federal Financial Reports (SF-425) must be submitted separately for planning and training and are due no later than 30 days after the end of each reporting quarter (i.e., January 30th, April 30th, and July 30th). Quarterly SF-425s are required even if there was no payment request (SF-270) submitted during the quarter.

4 Ibid.

5 Ibid.

6 The grantee can submit a 4th quarter report (that is not their final) for planning and for training and a final SF-425 for planning and for training with the final report. If the grantee decides to submit a 4th quarter report, it is due on October 30th.

7 Final Reports include a Final SF-425, for planning and for training, Final Narrative Report, and Grant Accountability Questionnaire.

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