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The Headquarters of PHMSA and DOT moved to 1200 New Jersey Avenue, South East, in Washington DC, in the Summer of 2007. The area is in a period of intense renovation centering around the waterfront revitalization and construction of the Washington Nationals baseball stadium.

WARNING: Due to the changes, the DOT buildings and address do not appear on most electronic maps, GPS, or online direction tools. If an address is identified by your electronic system, please be certain the New Jersey Ave. address provided is not within another quadrant of the city (ie. NE, NW, or SW).

The directions and maps found here should assist you while this period of construction and change continues.

Visiting PHMSA
If you have a scheduled visit to PHMSA HQ and are not a DOT employee or badged contractor, you will need to enter the West building from the Security Entrance nearest the Metro and have picture ID and contact information for the PHMSA staff member you are meeting.

PHMSA is located in the East building primarily on the 2nd floor.

Although there is some street parking, it is often easiest to arrive by train on the Green line at the Navy Yard Metro station.

Metro Directions
The Navy Yard Metro station is on the Washinton Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Green Line. This station is across the corner from 1200 New Jersey Ave., SE. There are also several buses that stop here. For more information, visit the Navy Yard Station Metro web page.

If you need driving directions, this station is a good location to use as most maps and mapping systems have not been updated to recognize 1200 New Jersey Avenue as an existing address.